A talk with Marek | Kiryat HaYovel

Jerusalem Day, a talk with Marek #8   Marek: In 2007 they celebrated 40 years (Jerusalem’s reunification) and the gallery I was associated with back then wanted to do an exhibit honoring the occasion. Because I was sure the exhibit would be of gold domes and ultra-orthodox figures next to the Wall, I said I

A visit to the exhibition ‘Marek Yanai: On the Threshold’ | Curator: Amichai Hasson

Jerusalem of In Between / by Amichai Chasson, from the exhibition catalog “Marek Yanai has been painting Jerusalem’s thresholds for over 50 years: gateways and fences, doors and gates, stairwells and windows. Thresholds are liminal spaces, neither indoors nor outdoors, but on the verge of both, somewhat forsaken, suggesting alluring secrets in both directions. The

A talk with Marek | Breakfast in the Katamonim

A talk with Marek #7    Adi: Marek, tell me a bit about this painting ‘Breakfast in the Katamonim’. You said you did it after the painting ‘Breakfast in Talbiya’. Marek: When I painted ‘Breakfast in Talbiya’, I painted without consciousness. In retrospect, there’s a breakfast and the newspaper “Ha’aretz”, a kitchen cloth that resembles

A drawing from my Bezalel era and a story

I was very lucky to study with the artist Miriam Gamburd. Her lessons were so exceptional that I requested permission from the Academy, and her, to continue to attend even after I’d finished my degree studies. Her class was always full.This portrait was done during a lesson she taught us a special technique for oil

A talk with Marek | Olive Tree Portrait

A talk with Marek #6   “This tree was painted in the Valley of the Cross. Olive trees when they get older, when they mature, are very impressive, because they have the character of a person. A human character. The twisting branches are like muscles wrapped in one another. It reminded me of the sculpture

Winter still life

The weatherman promised a storm and it never came, but in the meantime I had some serious drama. It happened in the space between home and studio, art and life. Things clashed, everything flew up and whooshed around in the air, then landed vigorously in place. Slightly different. Like this painting, that began as work


I don’t use gray or black paint from a tube. I don’t even have any. Thanks to my learning from Marek, the grays I achieve are always unique because they’re composed from a mixture of colors. According to the feel and the need it varies – a warm or a cold gray, with some kind

A talk with Marek | Breakfast in Talbiya

A talk with Marek #5   “Someone who was once my student lived on Harav Berlin Street, her name was Claudine Meyer. She and her partner were long-time immigrants from France, the kind that still kept their accent. She told me they live in a rooftop apartment, and from her porch you can see the

The Art of Fine Art Prints

Creating Fine Art Prints is an art in itself. Our prints are made in a Jerusalem-based dedicated studio that specializes in creating museum-quality repro ductions for artists, galleries and museums. The prints are made in the Giclée technique, using archival pigment ink of the highest quality according to world class Digigraphie standard of fine art

A talk with Marek | Portrait of a Pine Tree

A talk with Marek #4   “This tree was painted in Abu Tor. Usually people who come to paint there sit and paint the landscape in one direction or the other. I, too, have done this many times. This painting is a portrait of a tree. Jerusalem has three trees: pine, cypress, and olive. These

A talk with Marek | Quarry in Gilo

A talk with Marek #3   “There was a period when I used to paint landscapes with Benny (a former student and today a painter). It was Benny’s second year studying with me. He had a car and I didn’t. We would drive together and paint together. Somehow, by chance, we reached this spot. We

At the ‘Heder’

This painting is dedicated to my grandfather, ‘Mori’ Moshe Giat, who passed away 10 years ago at the age of 98. I remember him in his modest Jerusalem apartment, holding a carved bamboo writing utensil, pen nib, ink and a parchment. Books and scrolls surrounded his seat. His eyes rose only when a guest visits.

A talk with Marek | Morning in the German Colony

A talk with Marek #2   “There was a couple, friends of mine, who lived on the corner of Hildesheimer and HaTzefira, on the second floor. It was one of those typical German Colony apartments: the doors, the windows, the architecture and the atmosphere. I really liked their apartment. It was the morning light that

A talk with Marek | Window Still Life with Red Carpet

A talk with Marek #1 “For a few years I had a room on Abyssinian Street. I shared an apartment at number 13, right across from the church. Today it’s known as Ethiopia Street. The houses there were very beautiful. Beautiful rooms, beautiful walls, stone entryways, courtyards between the houses. I painted a lot while

Moving away from the Still Life

I start with looking at the model. Marek brought ‘’Baladi’’ eggplants from his secret grocery store, he always brings great models from there. I begin study sketches, trying to get the color and feel. I follow the model with care. Footnotes of a painter. Quick sketches in watercolor have a tendency to be fresh and


Hi, welcome to Jerusalem Vitrine! My name is Adi Tsimhoni and I am a fine art painter. I grew up in Jerusalem and later on studied at the Bezalel Academy of Arts. Naturally I signed up for the Department of Graphic Design. What can I say… I’m a practical person. Contrary to the responsible plans