October 29, 2021

A talk with Marek | Quarry in Gilo

by Adi Tsimhoni

October 29, 2021

A talk with Marek #3
“There was a period when I used to paint landscapes with Benny (a former student and today a painter). It was Benny’s second year studying with me. He had a car and I didn’t. We would drive together and paint together. Somehow, by chance, we reached this spot. We drove to Gilo, and it just appeared in front of us. I sat down and painted it, while Benny sat with his back to it and painted some nice landscape with a nice house. Everytime I’d sit and paint something like this, or rooftop water heaters, he’d sit facing the opposite direction and paint something nice.
This place was beautiful and authentic. And old. We didn’t see any bulldozers, just a small shack and an old bus that was being used as a warehouse or something like that. The bare cut rock and nothing more. We got there at just the right hour, because had it been afternoon we would have missed the light. The fact that it was morning and the sun was shining directly on it gave it the three dimensions, the contrast. This scene doesn’t exist anymore, I couldn’t find it when I went back to it later on.”


Quarry in Gilo, Marek Yanai, Watercolor on paper, 56X75 cm