About Jerusalem Vitrine

A painter's display cabinet

Jerusalem Vitrine is a unique showcase of selected artworks.
It offers original paintings alongside limited edition fine art prints.

My name is Adi Tsimhoni and I am a fine art painter.
I was born and raised in Jerusalem, acquiring my formal education at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem. 
Later on, I was apprenticed for several years at Marek Yanai’s studio in Jerusalem, specializing watercolor and oil painting. 
Often unwittingly, Jerusalem has always been a part of my personal and creative energy. At Marek Yanai’s studio and in his path, painting the local and the day-to-day became a way of being. 
I started the vitrine to display a small collection of my paintings.
On this site I am presenting a portion of my work and a taste of Marek’s work.

The Art

The art in the vitrine portrays Jerusalem through our eyes: landscapes, urban sceneries, interiors, still lifes, and portraits.
It is figurative, with a personal interpretation. Based on classical foundations, the work is tied to the traditional craft of fine art: painting from observation, a model or still life at the studio, and landscapes in open air.

Originals & Limited Editions

Jerusalem Vitrine offers original paintings in classical mediums: oil, watercolor, and drawing.
We also offer museum-quality fine art prints of limited editions.

You are invited to take a peek at the vitrine every now and again, and if you are in Isarel, look me up. 

Photo credit: Naor Gamliel