Adi Tsimhoni

I was born and raised in Jerusalem, acquiring my formal education at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem. 
Later on, I was apprenticed at Marek Yanai’s studio in Jerusalem, specializing watercolor and oil painting. I started the vitrine to display a small collection of my paintings and a taste of Marek’s work.

As an artist, I strive to penetrate the substance of things, into the heart of them. Often to portray an understanding or interpretation of an insight through a visual work.
I wish to touch the soul of the observer, as well as to capture the eye. To me, painting is a form of music.
My work is innately connected to place and identity. As time moves on, it becomes clearer to me that I am a descendent of many lines. A thread weaving in and out of time, backwards and forwards in many directions. This is an infinitely rewarding experience. It makes me want to explore in-depth and to go long distances. As a painter, to embrace practice.
I believe in the craft.

Photo credit: Naor Gamliel